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Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll Seal Colorpoint Cats: The rich brown colour well determined on the extremities contrasts with the ivory colored back. The eyes shine with turquoise colour create a sly and seductive look.Seal Ragdoll can come in a variety of patterns, but their dark brown fur is what makes them…

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When Ann Baker , the originator of the Ragdoll, was developing the breed , she occasionally produced Solid colors . ... Pebbles - Seal Mink Bicolor (click photo to enlarge) Sepias Ragdolls: Sepias are a result of breeding a Mink to a Mink. They will have gold or green eyes or a variation of somewhere in between.

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Jun 29, 2016 - A board of the third Ragdoll pattern; Bicolor. Nico was a Blue Bicolor. See more ideas about Ragdoll, Ragdoll cat, Cats and kittens.

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Best Ragdoll Of The Year ALLWENEEDIS QUALITY TIME. Color: Seal Point/Bicolor Owner: Amy Stadter Breeder: Annouk Fennis. Best Ragdoll Kitten Of The Year ELSA RAGDOLL RYAN. Color: BSeal Lynx (TABBY) Point/Bicolor Owner: Li Jie Qin Breeder: Li Jie Qin. Best Ragdoll Alter Of The Year KEEPURRS JUST LIVING THE DREAM. Color: Seal Point/Bicolor Owner ...

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The purebred Ragdoll kittens shown below are ready now or will be ready soon and each carry a 3 year genetic health guarantee, unheard of with purebred kittens! All our breeder cats have been tested negative for HCM. Call 619-889-1148 to reserve your Ragdoll kitten today. If they are not held by deposit at 6 weeks of age, their pictures will ...


June-Bug - Seal Bicolor Girl. Jericho -Seal Bicolor Boy. James Dean -Blue Bicolor Boy. Josie - Seal Bicolor Girl. ... Lydia - Seal MINK Mitted Ragdoll Girl - $4000 . Lydia. Show Quality Seal MINK Mitted Girl ~ $5000. Introducing our lovely Lydia! This pretty little princess features an …

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Ragdoll – kolory i umaszczenia . ... Tortie stanowi występujące na jednym kocie połączeniem n (seal) + d (red) lub a (blue) + e (cream), co daje nam w konsekwencji f (seal tortie) lub g (blue tortie): ... mitted i bicolor. Mitted (04) to umaszczenie kota o wyglądzie colorpointa, ale z domieszką bieli. ...

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Happy is a handsome Seal Bicolor Male Ragdoll kitten that was born on 2/1/2020. His mother is Desire and his father is Damari.Shipping Is Available! Happy can be picked up or can be shipped home to you if you are not within easy driving distance. Parker - Ragdoll Kitten.

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Valentine : $2200.00 on hold for Kristen. seal mitted - female - 13 weeks old. Beautiful super playful kitten that we have decided to offer for sale.

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A Seal Mitted Ragdoll is pictured below. Bicolor: The Bicolor Ragdoll is the flashiest of the three patterns. Bicolor meaning two colors have darker points to their ears, tail, and mask with their backs displaying a “saddle” with a lighter variation of the same color.

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Gorgeous Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kitten Gorgeous TICA Seal mitted traditional female Ragdoll kitten. Ready to go home now. Pet price $950. If you would like to place a deposit to reserve this ado... 2 Yrs and 1 Mths: $950: Kismet Palm Desert, CA 92260: Ragdoll/Persian 760-399-6378 Not available. Call to be put on waitlist for next year.

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Blue mitted baby girl available $1250. Super lap cats! Very loving and affectionate! 6 month old kittens below. Blue Bicolor girl available $950. Adorable black bicolor girl available $950. The sweetest kitten ever! 1 big purrball! Sweet Dandilion was spayed and is ready to …

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Ragdoll cats come in 3 main patterns, and they are Bicolor, Mitted, and Colorpoint. Bicolors can come in 4 varieties; Van, True, Mid High White, and High Mitted. This is a Van Bicolor.

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Adorable, affectionate, playful ragdoll kittens for sale in NC—Supreme Grand Champion lines, 2 year genetic health guarantee—we are responsible ragdoll breeders!. All Star Rags is a Christian family ragdoll cattery / ragdoll breeder registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), and we breed some of the finest quality ragdoll kittens in the ...

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Seal Tortie. Seal torties are calicos in a pointed cat. They have a combination of seal and orange. They can come in any pattern, including lynx, mitted or bicolor. The more white they have, the larger the different patches of seal or orange they will have. They are born white with blue eyes.

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Chocolate Ragdoll, Chocolate cat, Chocolate bicolor ragdoll, chocolate kitten, Ragdoll Cats, Ragdoll Kittens breeder Ontario. Ragdoll Cat for sale, Ragdoll Kittens for sale- Kingston Ontario. Canada & USA Ragdoll cat breeder cattery. ... I thought he was seal but he just didn't have the right body or tail color.

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Traditional or Standard Ragdoll Cats are all pointed cats that have blue eyes. Blue eyes can range from a light cotton blue to a deep sapphire blue. Traditional Ragdolls are born completely white and start slowly getting their color at about 1 week of age and do not reach full …

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Ragdoll cats come in 3 main patterns: these are colourpoint, bicolor and mitted. Pointed – A point has no white markings on the body. The pointed body parts – tail, face, ears, nose and feet – all have the same colour and the body is a lighter shade than the point colour.